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We discovered June’s work on Instagram a while back and just fell in love with her image of the Flatiron Building in New York City. It reminded us of our own trips to that gorgeous, gritty, vibrant city, and made us long to go back. Read along to hear what June has to say about it, as well as her hometown of San Francisco, and her love of cafes and film.Photograph by June Rustigan of the Flatiron Building NYC

You interned in NYC for Apartment 34 , which sounds amazing, but you’re from San Francisco. Can you share a few of the things you love about both NYC and SF? How are they different? How are they similar? Who or what about each city inspires you?

I’m originally from San Francisco, and I’m actually studying art and culture in Los Angeles now. San Francisco is definitely home though. I know the city inside and out, and it’s where I feel most comfortable. Every time I come home, I realize how incredibly blessed I was to grow up in such an accepting, diverse, and yet very tight-knit city.

Brooklyn Bridge in New York City Photograph by June Rustigan

Williamsburg Bridge in New York City Photograph by June Rustigan

New York City, Photographs by June RustiganNew York City to me, was always a very thrilling concept, and when I finally went for the first time last year, I completely fell in love. Just having the ability to walk from one end of the city and experience so much by foot, is something I appreciate so much, especially after living in LA for two years! All three cities have great museums, music, and culture in general, but the abundance of energy and pace of life in NYC pushes me out of my comfort zone, and that challenge is what I crave most right now.
Photograph by June Rustigan

Last fall, you talked about shooting film on Apartment 34. How long have you been shooting film? Is there anything you do differently with film versus digital?

I actually have very little formal experience shooting film (or photography in general) – a friend of mine handed me down his Mamiya Sektor film camera a year ago because I’d mentioned it was something I’d always wanted to try. So everything I’ve learned has been by way of trial and error (and there’s been a lot of the latter), and I’ve slowly gained a feel for manual photography. That’s something that digital and film share – you don’t necessarily need to be formally trained, but it takes time to develop a unique perspective and get a sense for what you can contribute.

Photograph by June Rustigan

Photograph by June Rustigan
Once I started shooting with film, I almost couldn’t go back to digital because film has this incredible depth and dimension, and the lack of grain makes digital feel flat in comparison. I love the long process involved – with a limited amount of chances to capture a photo, of course you think about each shot more extensively. I definitely started out shooting still life and quieter moments, but I’d love to do portraits and fashion photography next!

Photograph by June Rustigan

Your blog and Instagram have so many lovely photos of coffee. Do you have a favorite roaster and/or shop? Tell us what makes them special.

Based on my photos, you may think I’m an avid coffee drinker, but I actually spend most of my mornings drinking green tea. When I do indulge in coffee, it’s a steaming mocha at my local cafe, Milo and Olive, here in LA. Their coffee combined with an apple crostata on a Friday afternoon is almost a self-reward for getting through the school week! The cafes I’ve come to enjoy most aren’t the trendiest destinations, but have a timeless character – like Le Marche St. George in Vancouver, or Bluebird Coffee in East Village, NYC. When the baristas are passionate and there’s a feeling of quiet energy and ease, hours can pass by with good company, and that’s the feeling I look for in a cafe.
Photograph by June Rustigan
We couldn’t agree more with June’s sentiments about cafes and coffee shops. We love places with that same quiet energy she looks for, and the delicious baked goods and divine beverages skillfully crafted by passionate baristas never hurt! Thank you, June, for taking the time to talk with us about your work!

You can follow June on her Instagram or her Blog
All images © June Rustigan

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