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If you don’t know of Alison from the Alison Show we are honored to be the ones introducing you. She’s as real as it gets. Wearing her “Born to Boogie” shirt or her “Eat Your Lettuce and Be Sad” shirt she has a way of bringing the most down to earth humor into every day life. Alison can teach you how to be awesome, how to make life a party, or to bake the best cookies and we are so excited to be interviewing her today and getting the scoop on how she’s getting paid to be herself.

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What do you love most about what you do?

I love that I get to do whatever I want to do. I mean, within reason of course. But I throw events I want to throw, take partnerships that I feel good about, and I get to always keep my family and goals for spreading love in the world as top priorities.

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It is very stressful being in charge of every hour of work I do, every project, every next decision that it takes to keep going. But I when I feel overwhelmed I try to remember, being this in charge comes at a price! Ha, but it’s worth it.

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Who and or what inspires you?

I’m very inspired by the people I love. I’ve realized I’m happiest doing parties for my children because I love them so much, and creating a fun experience is how I show my love for them. When I think about them, and their interests and what would excite them, I get lots of ideas and motivation.

 The Alison Show Cookie Helpers
 The Alison Show Cookies The Alison Show Cookies

When I’m doing a dance party (which consists mostly of women ages 18-40) I try to imagine a stressed out mom, who is hesitant to cut loose and treat herself to a good time. I try to think how I can create an event where she will feel comfortable and encouraged to be everything she wants to be.

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Any words of advice?

I think right now my top advice would be to get the help you need. If you need help in ANY way, get help. Whether that means you need childcare so you can start a project you want, or you need a business coach, or you need a therapist, or you need to hire, barter, or trade with someone to help you do whatever is you need to get done, do it!

You Are Awesome cookies by Alison of the Alison Show Alison from the Alison Show

I let myself drown and struggle way way longer than is necessary. In business, in my home, so I say it because I always need to hear it. Look for people who can help you accomplish what you need to and don’t feel guilty about not doing it all yourself. I hire people before I really have enough money to pay them and always, always, it ends up working out.

Alison from the Alison Show kicks her heels up   Alison from the Alison Show

You are resilient and strong, you can do whatever it is you want to do, but you can’t do it alone. Haha, well geesh apparently I felt strongly about that!

Thank you so much for sharing your time with us, Alison. We love your perspective on how to be awesome and how to make life a party! You can follow Alison on her Instagram or her website to keep updated with Alison’s dance parties, cookie classes and more.

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