This week’s tips and tricks is all about wide angle view photography. First let’s look at the equipment you need to take some truly inspiriting shots.

Focusing on phoneography, there are some great lens kits out there that come with macro, telephoto, fisheye, and wide angle lenses. Some of the best wide angle lenses for phoneography are




Wide angle lenses allow a wider than normal view to be captured, and this will cause something known as “barrel distortion”.


Barrel distortion is a warping or bowing out of elements in your photograph. A fisheye lens is an extreme example of this. The effect can sometimes be distracting, but in many situations it’s what makes the photo interesting, you just need to know how to apply it.


Working with barrel distortion and wide angle photography takes a great deal of practice. Use the effect with subtlety. Like us!

Normal View © Instantly FramedWide Angle © Instantly Framed

Many of the wide angle photographs you see on Instagram are captured with a regular camera, but as you saw above, it’s also possible to capture some great shots on your iPhone. Your iPhone camera zoomed all the way out already shoots fairly wide already, but throwing on an Olloclip or Photojojo lens will put some serious weight and depth to your shots. There are also some interesting wide angle and panoramic apps available on the market you can try that don’t require a lens. Stop by next week, we will be trying the best of these out.

If you have your wide angle photograph open in Photoshop and you think you could do with less barrel distortion, you can always use the lens correction tool to dial it back.

By Peterson.jon and licensed under CC BY 2.0


Distortion reduced

To access the lens correction tool, go to filter/lens correction. From there, navigate to the ‘custom’ tab and move the ‘remove distortion’ bar slowly to the right. You will see the barrel distortion effect begin to slowly dissipate. Moving the slider in the opposite direction will exaggerate the barrel distortion effect. Play around with your image until you get the perfect result.

Screen Shot 2014-01-30 at 12.59.32 PM

Make sure when you are shooting with a wide angle lens that your subject actually calls for it. If you are attempting to shoot something a great distance away, a wide angle lens might not be the best bet. In fact, a wide angle lens will make objects far away appear smaller and farther away and objects that are closer to the camera appear larger then they are. This is part of the distortion you are seeing.


If you are in a tight space however, a wide angle lens might be a great choice and produce some really interesting work.Happy shooting!

4Wide 4Normal

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