Image by Steph Parke. Text over photo made with PicLabIf you’re anything like us, you’ve got a camera roll full of pretty photos from your various adventures and a whole bunch of screen shots of favorite sayings, inspirational quotes, and silly phrases. Why not combine them? Many apps (some free, some cheap) help you do just that, and it’s really quite fun to play around with font, color, opacity, and kerning options, not to mention the words and quotes themselves.

Images by Steph Parke. Text over photo made with PicLabOur favorite apps for adding text to photos are PicLab and A Beautiful Mess. Both apps have free basic downloads with an assortment of fonts, graphics, colors, backgrounds or borders, filters, and phrases. To unlock an array of additional items, it starts to cost nominal fees. We spent a whopping $2.99 on PicLab to get 90 fonts and 60 “stickers” or pre-made quotes to lay over your photos. It’s money well-spent, we’d say, for all the possibilities!

Image by Steph Parke. Text over photo made with PicLab

Image by Kal Barteski - //lovelife.typepad.com/

Image by Kal Barteski – //lovelife.typepad.com/

Of course, if you’re an incredibly talented artist like Kal Barteski, you don’t need an iPhone app at all. You’ll shoot your photos and hand-letter your quotes using anything from watercolor to gouache, and you’ll do it beautifully.

Images by Kal Barteski - //lovelife.typepad.com/

Images by Kal Barteski – //lovelife.typepad.com/

But for those of us whose hand-lettering resembles something more akin to chicken scratch, within just a few minutes in PicLab or A Beautiful Mess (or others, see below), you can select a photo, type your text, change the color, size, or opacity, save your new image, and be dropping inspiration all over Instagram. It’s really that easy. You can get fancy and add little doodles like arrows, cheeseburgers, or mustaches if you’re into that. Or add a quick border or translucent background to amp up the creativity. The sky’s the limit, really. They say a photo says 1,000 words. Make yours say even more. (Just be sure to properly credit the author of your favorite quote.)

Image by Steph Parke. Text over photo made with PicLabOther great text-over-photo apps include Phonto, Typic, Over, Word Swag, and WordFoto. For inspiration on creating your own images with text, hit up the following Instagram accounts: @bestsayingss, @piclab_hd, @igraphica, and @abeautifulmessofficial.

Image by Puj - //puj.com/

Image by Puj – //puj.com/


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