SymbolGram Pro is a neat app that lets you overlay shapes, patterns, and text over your photos. Let’s take it for a spin. Let’s take this app to….

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Out of the box, SymbolGram Pro is not exactly intuitive. It took me a while to decipher the opening screen and the free version is fraught with advertisments that manage, very well, to drain any kind of satisfaction you might get from altering and editing the pictures on your camera roll. So go pro or go home. And for only 99 cents, it’s hard not to place that thumbprint on your iPhone and cut to the chase.

With the upgrade to pro, you are rewarded with full access to four sets of symbols, from the tasteful..


to the, well, less than..


The app also comes loaded with twenty filters. In future updates, we really would like to see the intensity of these filters adjustable, much like the great VSCO. Something we predict that Instagram will be introducing very soon.


The app also comes complete with  text presets that can overlay over your image, like this.


But if you really want to take the way you edit photography on your phone to the next level, you might want to consider cutting your image up into triptych or even a Quadtych using this app to display a word, phrase or name, like this…


If you don’t know what a triptych is, take a look at this post on panoramic photography for some inspiration and also look at this post of some great Instagram artists using triptych framing styles.

If you are looking for a really fast and fun way to overlay shapes and text on your photos without exporting and importing into Photoshop, SymbolGram Pro is a great option for your iPhone. Enjoy!


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