Do you have old photographs you would like to have on your phone, share on Instagram or Facebook or Instantly Frame and hang on your wall? Did you know you can easily rephotograph and old family photograph with you camera phone? Here are a few tips on how to get the best results:

STEP #1: Find your old photograph and dust it off a bit so the dust does not find its way into your newly captured image.

STEP #2: Lay the image on a flat surface and flatten the original print out if need be. The flatter the better! This will ensure the image shoots properly.

STEP #3: Shoot in bright light! You can do this outside in the sun, in a bright room or bring in your own lamp to brighten things up. The more light you have the better! Make sure that the light source is coming from the side or at an angle for best results. If the light is coming directly down it might reflect in the surface of your print or cast a shadow from your hand and phone.

STEP #4: Position your phone so it is directly above the print and fills the frame. Hold nice and steady as you focus and shoot. It may take you a few try’s but with some practice you will have it down.

STEP #5: You will most likely have some extra information that you don’t want around your photograph. At this point you might consider cropping and saving the image to a size you want. You can do this from your image library editing options or from other apps like VSCO or Snapseed.

You have now digitized your old photograph! Remember practice makes perfect here, with a few attempts you will have the process down!

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