Last week, we got up close to our subjects and discussed the art of Macro photography. It’s time to revisit the art form, and discuss focus.

Your camera can only focus on one point, and the area in front of and behind that point is known as your depth of field. If you were taking say, a classic landscape shot, your depth of field would be deep, as you would want the majority of the shot in focus. When you are working with macro images, your depth of field becomes extremely shallow, and this means that it is very easy to ruin your image.
Flowers Macro photographyAcorn Macro photography
To keep your image sharp, find a way to brace yourself. The best way to get the stability you need is to use a tripod or tripod mount. There are some really great mounts for iPhones on the market right now, and you can find the best over at Photojojo.
Flowers Macro photographyFlowers Macro photography
They have a wide variety of tripods and tripod mounts available for all phoneographers. One of the most popular is the Glif phone stand and tripod mount. It’s a minimalist tripod that is going to work on all models of phones, fit in your pocket, and give you the stability you need to take crisp, clean, and clear macro shots. The Glif company are an inspiring start up of two friends that when faced with the prospect of having  to close shop and sell their idea to a larger company, went on kickstarter and crowd-funded the capital they needed to go it alone. The power of a good idea.

Macro photography is a challenging and rewarding medium, and the results can be fantastic. There are some amazing artists on Instagram working with Macro, and there is even a support group called macro addicts anonymous.

To brighten up your Instagram account and inspire your phoneography here are some of the best macro photographers on Instagram that you need in your feed.

@popmon is one of the best insect photographers on Instagram. This shot of a solider fly wasn’t captured on an iPhone, he used a Canon DSLR with a 65mm MP-E macro lens. It’s not phoneography, but the depth of detail and  clarity of image is astounding.

 @teresa_franco  has been creating consistently great macro photography since the inception of Instagram. She works purely in the medium of phoneography. She is also one of the pioneers of the latest phoneography trend, and that’s macro videography. You need to follow her gallery to experience some incredible macro film that will be sure to inspire you to go out into your own backyard and start filming. Want to shoot like @teresa_franco? Then you need @Squidcam lenses and talent, lots and lots of talent. @teresa_franco doesn’t use lighting, a tripod, or a hand stabilizer, just a @Squidcam macro lens and flawless execution.

@rickyohead is another avid promoter of Macro videography on his iPhone. He shots strictly on his iPhone 5 with an Olloclip lens. With over 71 thousand followers, @rickyohead has been featured on the Instagram blog giving tutorials on how to shoot Macro phoneography, in which he divulged that he doesn’t use  filters and finds that the square 1:1 crop of Instagram gives him a great opportunity to frame creatively.

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