iphonesantacruzDoes anyone remember the iPhone 4? Sitting lonely on the shelf, unwanted, unswiped, lens coated with a thin dust of abandonment? We do. So for this week’s app review, we decided to put the iPhone 4 back into service and go on a long exposure road trip review.

We packed our iPhone 4’s suitcase full of Photojojo lenses, a Joby tripod, and a pocket spotlight, and took a little road trip down to sunny Santa Cruz!

we took our iphone to santa cruz

The app for review is called LongExpo Pro. The app captures long exposure photography, and with the absence of a waterfall (the classic shot); we decided to hit the boardwalk to play with the light and color of the rides.


We were playing with LongExpo Pro 3.0, and it’s the 3.0 update that is going to make this app. The apps full name is: LongExpo Pro – Tripod-free long exposure and slow shutter camera. Quite the mouthful. Although the app claims to get great results tripod free, we didn’t risk it, and used our Joby Gorillapod mini tripod to take in this kettlecorn scented adventure.


Version 3.0 of LongExpo Pro has an exciting photo editor function. After you have taken captured a long exposure shot, you open up something called “Magic Sharpener”.

The app lets you ‘magically’ sharpen any part of the image you like, by painting over it with your finger. If you look at the decorative pivot on the Sea Swing here, you can see that the effect adds substantial clarity.


You can adjust the intensity and size of your brush; the harder the brush, the more ‘in focus’ your painting will be.


In addition, you can also adjust the brightness, contract, and saturation of the background, foreground and the finished image.


You can also edit the foreground, background, and result image by adding basic filters, editing focus, cropping, color fixing, etc. Having the ability to add these effects onto different layers can create some interesting tones. Although the photo editor is not nearly as powerful as some of the other editors out there, having it built into LongExpo Pro is a definite plus.

Doing all this work on location can be tough, especially when there are roller coasters to ride and toffee apples to eat. With LongExpo Pro, you can edit your work later by saving the picture as a project. Next time you open the app up, click on the lock icon to the right of the shutter and then click “load project”. Useful tip, it took me a long time to find it, and hopefully LongExpo Pro will make this more user friendly in a future update.

So, LongExpo Pro is one of the most interesting long exposure app out there right now. It combines some essential features from a multitude of other apps into one. It’s an affordable app as well, the pro version is currently 99 cents. There is a free version too, but you won’t have all of the sharpening and filtering features that really make this a must have app in your arsenal. Happy shooting!


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