Five Tips To Better iPhone Photos

By Mandi Nelson

tips for better iphone photography

People always are asking me what camera to buy to take their photography to the next level. My answer is: The iphone. I am amazed at the photos my phone is capable of taking when a few simple techniques are applied.

1. Lighting. The sun is the best light source, and it is available to everyone. But, sunlight can be really harsh in the middle of the day. Instead of waiting for the perfect overcast or cloudy conditions to soften the sunlight, look for shaded areas (especially areas where vertical light is blocked). When shooting indoors, try to shoot with as much natural light as possible. Light is always unpredictable, so be patient when learning how to use it to your advantage!

tips for better iphone photography

tips for better iphone photography

2. Simplicity. Keep your photo clean & simple. Find the one thing you want to be captured & focus on it. One interesting subject is really all you need to make a memorable photo. When adding additional elements to your photo ask yourself, “Is this enhancing my subject or distracting from it?”. I love empty space because then it draws the viewers eye even more to the subject.

tips for better iphone photography

tips for better iphone photography

3. Nature. Take advantage of the earth’s backdrops. We live in such a beautiful world. It’s hard to take a bad picture of it.

iphone photography6

iphone photography7

4. VSCO. Visual supply company is an app for shooting, editing, sharing & storing your photos. The app enhances your photos with the different presets without making it look “filtered” or over-edited. You also have the freedom of tweaking the filters. I usually adjust the exposure, contrast & shadows.

iphone photography8

iphone photography9

5. Have fun. When you have fun, your photos will be more meaningful to you and that will show through to everyone who views them. Everyone sees the world differently so make your pictures your own. Fall in love with them. One of the many reasons I love photography because every day is different & it helps me to find the beauty every where.

iphone photography10

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