Aubrey Bennion - Hello Maypole Instantly Framed

Aubry Bennion is famous. And adorable. She’s the girl behind Hello Maypole, a colorful and happy little shop you’ve got to see, and she’s the genius behind this awesome display. Look at all that variety – circles, squares, vivid pops of color, that globe… It all perfectly reflects Aubry, who single-handedly created a craze for tiny Nepalese-made felt balls, saying “I didn’t invent felt balls, but I think I made them popular.” Her variety of brilliant colorways suits any fancy from kids’ rooms to wedding details to holiday decor, and they’re so bright and fun.

If that’s not enough, Aubry is also well-known for her free download, Let Them Be Little. It was originally a commissioned piece but she completed it around the time of the Sandy Hook tragedy. After hearing how her simple words resonated with so many, Aubry made the print free to everyone. So if you’re looking for something special for a baby shower, a child’s birthday, your grown-up bff’s birthday, or just a little sunshine for yourself, head over to Hello Maypole and be sure to follow Aubry on Instagram @hellomaypole.

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